Mayday - A calendar designed to help you spend time better

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A calendar designed to help you spend time better



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Mayday is a new kind of calendar, built for busy people. It automates scheduling based on your True Availability, intelligently blocks out time to focus, and helps to optimize your week. Take control of your schedule and spend time in more meaningful ways.


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I am not a busy man, but this is really great app for the busy poeple. This is gonna help them in their work.

thank you very much for sharing the app, have a nice day

Mayday promises a versatile adaptive scheduling resource.
Interesting Hunt. @garooda
Thank you!

I do agree we should take control of our time. We should manage it to make it better. thanks for sharing

I am not a big fan of calendars but i will try it.

Without a doubt, this calendar will make our life easier, it can make us no longer waste time on unnecessary things in our week and keep up to date with everything important. thanks for sharing. excellent hunting


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