Music Tales - Music learning storybooks & creative station

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Music Tales

Music learning storybooks & creative station



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Learn many aspects of music in a fun and adorable way with the interactive storybook lessons where you will join the three main furry characters' journeys in their discovery and exploration of their forest instruments.


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Nice game but my eye will go so fast because how the that black colour will go in that side only my eye is also going that only I got scared what wil appende to my eye 👌🏼🥰 so I am giving four

It's a pretty decent app. Lots of songs in it but the song's volume are too low that the ads are louder than the song and if I press other button than the home button, the app freezes but I'm fine with it. There's also kpop songs in it so that's a bonus

Great hunt dear friend
This is really helpful platform for those who want to learn music, it will really help them to learn music with interactive lessons.
Thanks for sharing with us.

I don't want to learn music but I want my nephew to learn music. I will suggest this app to her parent.

Learn and buy your music creations with your friends with the Music Tales application for tablets and mobile phones.


∙ Compelling storybook lessons.

∙ Vibrant illustrations by Kristy Edgar at From Pen to Paper.

∙ Interactive music learning.

∙ Three different forest instruments to play.

∙ Record and share your children's musical creations with friends and family.

∙ Music tempo challenges.

∙ More stories and learning to come!

These books are super useful and very beautiful, teaching children to read is something that will help them all their lives, many times the stories take us to an extraordinary place, great hunting

It's an interesting app. You can study many aspects of music in a fun. Amazing hunt!

A very practical application where we can Learn many aspects of music in a fun and applied way are several lessons to learn. good hunting

great for teaching your children when they are interested in music.

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A good option to teach our children, a very fun way for them to learn about music and entertain them. no doubt these will be the favorite books of many children. excellent hunting. thanks for sharing it with us.


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