Mero - Mechanical Emotional Interacting Robot

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Mechanical Emotional Interacting Robot


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Hunter's comment

Mero is an emotionally intelligent robot designed by Robocare that has the capability to read facial expressions and interact with users accordingly. It has upgradable software and has sensors for voice recognition.


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Wow great now modern robotics understand the human emotions while interacting. It will help to make robotics popular in all age people. Nice hunt

Ai is one of the best invention of this tech world. This can help us to deal with people according to their mood. This is really amazing product.

Well, This robot looks decent option and it has emotion what are you serious a robot can have emotion.? this is something new and I would like to read more about it.

Technology is developing such a rapid pace that these futuristic robots are going to see the light of the day, perhaps they have already occupied much space already. Emotions recognition ability is associated with living things until recently but this type of robots are truly marvellous creation of creative people. Great hunt.

Nice one, i wonder if it can read a heavily botoxed face. But whether it can or not, it's a solid advancement in robotics, targetted heavily at services.

OH wow, that's an amazing robot built with an amazing concept, First of all i want to appreciate your choosing of giff for your hunt, it looks really stunning and outstanding. the product is really awesome.

Great hunt dear friend
This is really a nice robot which has alot of amazing features like voice recognition and interact with users according to their facial expressions.
Thanks for sharing with us.

What a great and amazing hunt. You can find best robot for us. Robotic technology helps us in our daily life. This robot looks also very beautiful. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

This is so nice that Robot can read the facial expressions and now people won't be able to hide anything. Good one to see what people have in their mind.

Nice hunt! This is a great robot to identify your facial expressions to interact with you sounds interesting. However, thanks to the advance technology for creating such types of robot

This interactive And intelligent robot can be a good companion with its owner. They will help to overcome boredom. Nice hunt @gentleshaid

You can call me crazy but I think this is a beautiful creation and I really like the work developers done at this , great hunt my friend, upvote from me

Nice hunt. This is advance emotion recognition robot. Technology producing something new everyday. This device us such a nice beauty addition in robot technology.

I think robots can do a lot of work people do in the future. For example ; While working in any restaurant, we can come across in daily life as a store manager. The Robocare brand has significantly improved the technological and emotional development of robots. There are many high-tech robots, but for the moment there are not many robots with high emotional data.

Hi dear hunter @gentleshaid you share always a great hunt. I really appreciate your effort and I look forward to your next step with best wishes. I hope that we see something new and different in the next few days.

Cool and advanced Robot that can use sensors to read out people's expression and can understand what they are thinking or trying to convey to the robot. Great hunt

Really it is very amazing robot and this robot looking very good

Robots are so advanced because the kind of technology getting used to make them artificial intelligence is also making them super smart. This one is definitely one of the advanced robot that can read out facial expressions.

Intelligent Architecture For Object Oriented Programing. Easy to add and expand the new software component

And they have a SDK as well, I imagine, days are not far when we will have robots working in our home :)


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