Voice blender - Change voice tones of characters in videos

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Voice blender

Change voice tones of characters in videos



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Voice blender is a cool application that allows users to change the voice tones of characters in videos. Users can upload videos or record videos within the app, assign different tones to different characters within the videos, replay to ensure the desired effect is achieved and save the videos. Sounds like so much fun!




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It would be interesting to change the voice tones of a video. We can record video and change the voice tones with the help of this app. It will be fun doing it!! thanks for sharing!!

Good product for people who create video content. They can edit and produce quality videos with good effects using this app.

Video content creators seem to have a lot of apps to work with. This is such an excellent one, especially if you are trying to protect the identities of characters in a video.

This app will be good for editing in showbiz and social media. We can make videos even more interesting with the changing voice tones. Good hunt.

Nice one. In one video one person can sound differently making it seem as if its different person or twins. Nice hunt


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