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Decentralized Gaming Universe



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dRealms is a decentralized gaming universe where users can truly own their game assets to buy, sell, rent, or use as they wish. Game assets are designed to have built in interoperability across games or realms from different creators and even across multiple blockchains. dRealms empowers creators to make and sell game items, games, or realms and collect ongoing royalty micropayments when these items are resold or when games are played.

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For this particular Hunt i have not found a related video but here are some key features of dREALMS:

  • True ownership (recorded on blockchain)
  • Cross-game interoperability
  • User- generated content
  • Cross-chain interaction (EOS and Telos chains)
  • Marketplace (buy, sell, rent games assets)
  • No special coins to buy (no dedicated wallet required)
  • Learn asset creation (gamified tutorials)

Embrace the power of Blockchain while having a lot of fun!




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