New Volkswagen Touareg - Night Vision's help system

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New Volkswagen Touareg

Night Vision's help system






Hunter's comment

The new Touareg is the first available Volkswagen model of thermal image camera (infrared camera) integrated on the front of the car noting infrared radiation from living organisms up to a distance of 10 meters to 130 meters in front of the car.
The driver is alerted through the screen in Digital Cockpit, if the display for Night Vision system is not enabled in Digital Cockpit, the screen automatically switches to this mode when danger is detected, at speeds exceeding 50 km / h, and displays red people and animals.
The "IQ.Light - LED matrix headlight" interactive light that is also available in Touareg, the object in a potential hazard area is also highlighted when the vehicle passes in speeds over 60 km / h in non-urban areas so it will be visible to the driver.



Hunter: @geuratan

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