Parrot Disco FPV - Disco Drones look like fighter jets

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Parrot Disco FPV

Disco Drones look like fighter jets





Hunter's comment

Just throw it into the air to fly it - Disco can fly at speeds up to 80 km / h, distance up to 2 km and last up to 45 minutes in a single rechargeable battery. Fly with the supplied VR glasses to feel the fly with him.
This FPV Parrot Disco is all about introducing people to this device and helping them understand the specs, and this should give the user a clear idea of ​​whether or not this will be the device they want. The FPV Parrot disco drone will give people a much deeper flying experience than they can expect with almost any other flying drone on the market today. It is a device that is powerful enough and capable enough to see people through several long and successful flights that they will remember forever. In many ways, this is a drone that successfully combines all the benefits of camera drones and flying drones in one. While it can not compete with all other drones in other ways, it's still a successful model.



Hunter: @geuratan

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