Philips Hue Go - Hue White and color ambiance

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Philips Hue Go

Hue White and color ambiance






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Philips Hue Go is the most versatile lamp in your home. When plugged into a wall outlet, these lights will adorn the walls with white or colored light. Unplug from the wall outlet and Philips Hue Go will be a portable item that you can carry for the best lighting in your various activities. With internal rechargeable battery, this lamp can be used up to 3 hours. Also in portable mode, Philips Hue Go can be fully controlled with smart devices. Smart built-in battery management ensures maximum usage. Although not water-resistant, Philips Hue Go is designed to survive in high humidity conditions.



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  1. It is lightweight and quite portable
  2. It can be controlled by a voice prompt
  3. The battery can last for up to 3hrs
  4. It has natural dynamic effects that let you change to different themes with different colors as you desire
  5. It can be synchronized with your music and movies to give you the perfect lighting experience
  6. It has varieties of colors, over 16 millions of it
  7. It has a schedule feature that allows you set when it should be on or off
  8. It can also be sync with your games to enjoy a nice gaming time

It is not water resistant
Can easily fall off and break

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