Cubicoding - Coding program for kids developed by educational experts

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Coding program for kids developed by educational experts



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Cubico is made in response to the educational needs for this century. It is an easy and fun learning tool for infants by the approach of the "learning though play" concept. It helps children to learn the important concepts of algorithms and develop computer-based thinking.
It is not just an online game application or a board game we commonly know. It is a comprehensive educational tool developed for children ages 4 to 6 by analyzing their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral developmental stages. The activity with a visual material like pictures and tactile education is very important to the infants between the ages of 4 and 6 years. You can visually check how the code works on the screen by planning through the stage-board with colorful images and writing code with the tangible coding blocks. A three-step coding activity will give your child a fun and educational experience.


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Cubicoding promises to be an excellent kids’ coding self-learning tutor.
Interesting Hunt. @giovaabbatichio
Thank you! 🙏