Spyera - Keep Your Kids Safe From Online Predators and Cyberbullies

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Keep Your Kids Safe From Online Predators and Cyberbullies



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Protection for your children and family from the internet’s hazard and different attacks through this software is really awesome for everywhere. Children don't have much awareness of the internet's predators and inappropriate content. Parent have the responsibility that they prevent their children from these bad and dangerous activities.

Spyera is a software that tracks all type of devices like phone, tablet, and computers. And the Spyera software has the secret tracking features for their user to read and view every hidden activity on the devices that are using their someone.

There are four main features like protection for your children, protection for your family, parent controlling software and also monitoring the employees through this software for the positive purpose only.




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some time our kid get afraid and try to hide some topic which is important to know as a gurdian. I think this software will helps the parents to take care about this case.
I like this hunt and boosted it. Keep up your good job dear @gordonian

Tender flowers must be guarded against opportunistic, vicious and ruthless attackers online who don't have conscience and morality. Young children don't know much about the practical world and they easily fall pray to such elements.
Spyera is a guardian eye to protect your loved ones from hazards posed by digital criminals even when you are out for work or sleeping. It collects a meaningful data for you to take safety measures to protect your kids, and family.
Great hunt @gordonian:)

I just loved it's idea for protection of kid's.we all parents want safety for our children as here are many things which are spoiling their mind.it can also help in many other places like offices and schools.

A really great app when it comes to safety and parental control. Allows me to be tension free when my younger siblings are using my phone.

Very useful app to control ur kids browsing. Most try once. Very easy to understand and very helpful.

Keep your kids safe and protect from internet.Great app as it helps u to filter the content and disallow sine adult sites which u don't want ur child to see.

It is very helpful for all the parents to keep a control on their child's activities.This is the best app for your child


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You're right @gordonian that children never care about this case. Gadget and browsing activities on internet can't be separated with our life today, especially for children. We not conventional parents that will protect our children from technology by said "you can't play gadget before your age..bla.bla.bla" but as parents we need to education our children how to treat positive in technology. Spyera provide to help parents keep save their kids on internet.

Yes it is true that with positive sides of internet there are negative are also there as well. Many scamera and predators are there online ready to give negativity to the kids. Such tools really help parents keep their kids safe online.

Safety is a big concern in today's online world. It is so important to protect young ones from the dark side of the online world.
Spyera can be definitely of great help to concerned parents.

Children are nowadays very much exposed to online portals and apps, but are quite innocent to figure out what is right and what is wrong. I see this platform will help parents prevent their children against wrong mediums and unauthorized access when they are online.
Great Hunt.

children are often the targets of cyber bullies cause of the gullable nature of kids. I believe this app will make a huge difference and protect our young ones and kids from these Bullies.
Great app @gordonian.

Yes, today you hunt another cool things. Because in the technology ear we need to secure our child from the Cyberbullies. And yes child are not aware about this. So we need to aware about the situation. Your today's hunt is perfect for the said aspect. Nice Hunt

Yes that's a good hunt.
I have been seeing some people sharing how their kids have been exposed to danger while chatting online with strangers.
I hope this could help them keep safe.
Thanks for sharing :)

This is a total protection, security and monitoring software, more than just projecting our kids; I think. The way this software offering control over kids or employees devices sounds really promising. Great find!

Proper broughtup of your kids is necessary to build great society. Unfortunately internet is a weak leak due to availability of the content which is not suited for kids. So, stringent check is necessary to keep your kids safe from those traps. Spreya is a nice app to keep your kids internet activities in check. Great hunt

wow so cool software and i really like it coz it allow users to find out many things legally and secretly without leaving a trace pretty nice. I think with over 100+ features and price mentioned on their website it's truly worth buying. Great Hunt

Hi dear , Its very good stuff & hunt. I like it. The idea behind this app is great, I have never not know it yet, but the concept is cool. Its really wonderful and keep it nice sharing always. You did awesome work.

Actually, the truth is its our responsibility to keep our kids safe at all times and in every plateform, including online which is a very important place.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all


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This is very important for all parents, so that children can avoid negative sites that will cause their moral damage.
It's a great hunt.
Thank you for hunters