Agroop - The technological solution for crop monitoring

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The technological solution for crop monitoring



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Agroop is a perfect agronomist solution to save resources, prevent risks and maximize production.

The Agroop gives you the opportunity to easily and effectively monitor water needs, it prevents and mitigates and also improve productivity.

To get the best out of Agroop, you will be given a Stoock.

Stoock is an equipment that monitors your crops 24/7. Easy-to-install, energetically autonomous, and low maintenance. source

Features of Stoock:

*Solar radiation

  • Air temperature
  • Air humidity
  • Soil temperature
  • Soil humidity. source

Download Agroop app on Playstore HERE

Download Agroop app on App Store HERE

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Hi @gracelyn-Joseph,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Well this will ho a long way in helping us monitor and take care of about crip s more .. And it is also Eco friendly

Wow mate that's really a great invetion for farmers also i like the one thing of this agroop that it will give you notification when your crops need water as well as it will save the water...

Wow .. This will ho a long way in making us have a good information about our plants ... Cool hunt

This is a great eco friendly product bbut I am a bit confused about agroop and stoock


Hello! I can help you with any doubts you have, I'm from Agroop. Let me know!

This could be really helpful for the farmers and they could get updates on the listed details pretty easily.

Ya its really a great product.Now farmers will be free from a lot of problems.They just need to install this products and that's all.He can monitor everything from home or anywhere.Awesome hunt.Keep hunting


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