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Receiving money from foreign countries is not always easy.

Cheqqly is a payment platform that helps startups,business owners and indivisuals receive payments from US and EU customers easily.

Cheqqly can be integrated on your website or app to receive payent from US and EU countries with ease.

To use this service, create a cheqqly account, click dashboard and copy the code snippet for Cheqqly checkout form. Install this on your web-app or site.

Your customers will pay via the Create a cheqqly account and head over to the dashboard, and copy the code snippet for Cheqqly checkout form. Install it on your web-app or site.

Your customers pay va the Cheqqly checkout form. Withdraw your money from Cheqqly via WesterUnion, Revolut or WorldRemit.

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Great hunt. Linked to revolut and world remit means one get excellent fx rates and quick transfers. Important tool for start ups to expand their business.

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This will be a solution to many online stores and app developers who would love to monetise their apps and earn from what people do with it. I am happy i see this one Steemhunt!


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