CocoScan - Find your website's main SEO issues in less than 5 minutes

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Find your website's main SEO issues in less than 5 minutes



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SEO- Search Engine Optimization is an important part of today's website because your site visibility depend solely on how good your keywords are.

CocoScan is a web application created for easy and efficient SEO Scan. CocoScan is an SEO scanning tool that finds your site indexation and exploration problems in real-time.

CocoScan analyzes your website and help you locate all the problems that affect the indexation of your website.

With CocoScan, your webiste will be SEO complaint. Simply enter your we url to the space provided on the website and get the detials problems and how to solve them.

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A web application that improves search engine optimisation is great. It analyses all the SEO problems and fixes it. Cool hunt

Wow. This will go a long way to relief us of the stress of searching for thinsgwe need online .. Cool hunt