hrnw - Chat with others around you

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Chat with others around you



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hrnw is a chatting platform that is location-based. hrnw is both web and mobile application that users can use to chat instantly and connect with anyone not too far from them.

You can use hrnw to chat and post pictures at bars, conferences, work, and anywhere.

To use this tool, your browser or mobile phone location must be active, launch the app and you are ready to meet new people living close-by!!!

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Chat with others around you... That's true? So we can know about the new people wherever we are.. but with the note if others people have the hrnw? That's right?

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Another awesome chatting application that uses simple location based to detect friends around. This is a new way to connect with people around you.

This is wonderful, a great application with great features, looking for a nearby friends is made easy, I can't wait to get this app, thanks hunter

This is another innovative in the social media apps, workers within the same location can deploy this app for easy communication when on duty.


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