My Skin Track UV - Battery-free, wearable tracks exposure to UV rays, pollution

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My Skin Track UV

Battery-free, wearable tracks exposure to UV rays, pollution



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My Skin Track UV measures both UVA and UVB rays, and provides instant status updates while storing up to 3 months of data. The battery-free sensor is activated by the sun and powered by the user's smartphone using near-field communication. source

The My Skin Track UV is a battery-free sensor that is connected to an app. This UV measures your exposure to various environmental aggressors and provides personalized advice & product recommendations for you on the go.

The UV sensor app is available on iOS and android.

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Useful hunt. I live in a hot country and need to ensure that i put spf on my face when i walk out in the morning. Tbh, i dont know what and how much uv i would be or am exposed to. While knowing the data isn't important, as i will anyway try and reduce exposure to sun, this device is still useful to help people know more.

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