Song Engineer - Song Engineer is an Android app for songs auto composition


Song Engineer

Song Engineer is an Android app for songs auto composition



Hunter's comment

Song Engineer is an app for songs auto composition. Just press COMPOSE and you have a new unique song. Song composition is done by an algorithm that creates and matches harmony and melodies of different instruments - lead(vocal), bass, piano, guitar and drums.


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If your into creating your own music sound then Song Engineer for the android is pretty good especially when you consider that you can get this free from the google playstore, if you have a piece of music you can change how it sounds and create even more music.

imteresting hunt... now compose your own song with some algorithms based on various musical instruments..

thanks for sharing...

keep hunting...

It will be fun to find out whether these automatically algorithm composed songs are any good or whether you need a human to make a good song.

Song Engineer is an application for auto-composing songs. You can listen to new songs in this app. best hunt.


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