Flow Player 7.2 - Player that Floats YouTube video on your screen

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Flow Player 7.2

Player that Floats YouTube video on your screen


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Hunter's comment

Flow player is a complete open source that runs and can be found on Github.

Its a sort of Simple Mac application that tends to float YouTube video on your Mac screen.

Additionally, Flow Player has the ability to give you access to YouTube music and videos whilst giving you the opportunity to play those videos in a handy floating popup.

In other to install and set up the player, all you need do is to follow the link below:

Flow Player

You will see the steps required as to installing and running the package successfully.

Alternatively, you can also use This Link


  • You can customize the size of the player to your need

  • You can navigate and place the player anywhere on your screen

  • Professional video player for website


  • Can't download the videos

  • Cant work without Internet

  • can't work if the screen is off!

Picture source

Official Product Link

Product Link


Official Website




Hunter: @hadebaryor


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This is my opinion about your hunt


  • Flow Player 7.2 is a solution for music listening needs or watching videos that we like, because with the system adjust the size of the player as needed and can navigate or place players anywhere on the screen. Makes this very good in my opinion.


  • Too dependent on the internet

The value I give to your hunt


Hey @johntor

Thanks for your comment and you 10/10 value...

The dependent on internet thing is what puts me off too.


ok it's not a serious problem, the rest of the products you show it cool :)

Rejoice Dear Hunter! You've followed our posting guidelines! Your hunt has been verified and is now eligible for a @steemhunt upvote. Yay!


Hello @dayleeo

Thanks much

Thank you for posting on Steemhunt @hadebaryor

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Very good hunting, besides being very useful is open source. Next I will leave my personal opinions about this hunt.


  • It is one of the few applications that allows you to watch YouTube videos in the background.
  • It has a great graphical interface and is easy to use.
  • It is supported and financed by companies with a lot of reputation, which gives a lot of guarantee of this product.


It only works with the Internet.


Hello @alejandrofz

Thanks for stopping by, yeah the internet thing is the major thing I don't like about it too.

But other things are good to reckon with

Its a sort of Simple Mac application that tends to float YouTube video on your Mac screen.

It's not a Mac application. It's a player for web and works on every operating systems.

Cant work without Internet

You watch the videos on demand with the player. How come it can work without internet?

can't work if the screen is off!

wut? o_O

Additionally, flow player has been around almost 10 years.

The link you have posted for the URL is for the flowplayer video platform while you mention flow player (video player) in the description.

Edit: Title is also misleading. Flowplayer can also play videos outside of youtube. Youtube is not their focus.


Good catch... Just looked at it. It is for people & businesses to put videos on their websites. Got to love all the comments here that have no clue what this product really is. And did you see the product link they included. It goes to a completely different product.