Toadi - World’s first autonomous lawn robot powered by A.I



World’s first autonomous lawn robot powered by A.I


Hunter's comment

Toadi is a nice and smart lawn robot having best quality 4k camera and moves intelligently by identifying objects with artificial intelligence.

No perimeter cable or (inaccurate) GPS needed. She sees and knows her way around in the same way as humans do, but even better


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Wow! This is absolutely a great hunt. The autonomous​ lawn mower is awesome, why? because human does not need to be under the sun to cut grass anymore. It helps us to have peace of mind that the grass has been taken care of.

What is the purpose of this robot. If it acts like a lawn mower or just for a surveillance ?

Amazing and also beautiful creation, I believe this thing can do many of stuff you want , thanks for sharing hunter

Looks like pretty advanced robot.. great one

Artificial Intellengence have been installed in the few robots so far and this is one of them. cool hunt.

Wow, what an amazing Lawn that is controlled by Artificial technology. and beautiful in look too.

Nice uni wheel bike

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Great hunt dear friend
This is really amazing AI powered robot that has many features and will be very useful.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Hi dear hunter @hameez you share a really great hunt for All people whose love and level theirs lawn.

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Toadi is our favorite lawn robot. Equipped with a 4K camera and A.I. she navigates autonomously,

It's good for people having large lawns.

What a great and amazing hunt. It is very helpful product. It works automatically. In front camera you can watch everything in your phone. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

The cordless feature is really useful, especially for outdoor, larger lawns. @hameez
You’ve brought us a practical Hunt!
Thank you!

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WOW, that makes it so easy to use.

Very smart looking. It can easily now work as a security or dog at lawn. As AI has been used, it should be very handly. Nice hunting.


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