TPBot Smart Car - Creative Programming Partner for Children


TPBot Smart Car

Creative Programming Partner for Children



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The TPBot micro:bit programmable smart car is a magnificent teaching tool for kids to enhance their knowledge and skills with creativity.

As an advanced didactic toy, TPBot Smart Car is compatible with toy bricks, allowing your kids to build and test different structures.


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Such an entertaining way to introduce coding and programming with kids. It will not only enhance kids creativity and skill but also develop kids interest in learning programming and coding.

Kids are going to love it and quite good. Good one

its design is so nice and attractive that kids will like it more. nice hunt for kids

Programming system is always very attractive for kids to learning or playing while doing activities with it. This system is highly appreciated for kid's development in their learning way.

  ·  작년

TPBot is full of attraction for kids. It will make easy for them to learn coding and different structure with is innovative toy car.

This is definitely the type of "toy" that we should make our kids play with. Really cool hunt

Great kit for child development while they are playing. Very nice find.

Wow! What a great product you have searched. I have seen many types of products like this but this is so good as children can learn the concepts of programming easily with this. Great Hunt!

wow, really a creative tool for kids.

Great and innovative find. It is best learning and playing product for kids. It's looks to much wonderful. I am also purchase this product for our kids.

Its helpful to improve the intellectual ability of the kids. Useful hunting.


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