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EUME Backpack Is No Ordinary Bag!



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Hunter's comment

EUME BACKPACK is a bag that comes with unique multifarious features. A bag like this is usually expected to be heavy, considering its many qualities. But no, this backpack is as light as feather. Why?
Because it is designed that way!

It come with a MASSAGER! For the back, you know.
After going through the stress of carrying some necessary heavy stuffs for long, a repose becomes imminent when fatigue starts to set in. Hence, this backpack is designed to understand and ease your discomfort by giving you a nice and thorough massage.

IT Charges your Mobiles Anywhere and Anytime Because,
It comes with a USB charging port that never runs out of power! (if the power bank is maintained and charged when it goes off. And it can last for more than 10 hours of non-charging).

It is Weatherproof, and not just water proof
Because it is built from the finest, ultra-light fabrics. In fact, it comes with an 18 month warranty.
It is REALLY VERY beautiful!
With Many More Amazing Features.



Hunter: @hamg96

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Can you put the correct product link? The one you put does not lead to EUME backpack, but to another backpack from a different brand.

Please reply to this comment after you are done?

Thank you.

  ·  작년

Oh. I am so sorry about that.
That's it

I don't know why it is rejecting the products link


Because this is duplicate of this one


Please read these posting guidelines before writing about another hunt, so it's approved :)

  ·  작년

Wow. I had no idea.
I understand now. Thanks very much.

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