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Gamers Networks

social gamers site based on asking gamer questions & answer



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Hunter's comment

Gamers Networks is a social gamers site based on asking gamer questions and getting answers from gamers about your questions. it is just like a Game quiz to earn points and commenting on other gamer question, adding avatar on your profile and many more thing you can do

About Game Networks

Gamers Networks will be a site for gamers where they can come and ask any gamer questions they have they can make a profile, message other gamers, answer gamer questions



Hunter: @helipad

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Hi @helipad,

Thanks for your hunt. Before I can approve it, please fix the ratio “own content vs. quoted content”. While it is ok to quote some words, the posting guidelines specifically state “some words”.

Please add more own content to this hunt, a hunt should never have more than 1/3 quoted content. This doesn’t mean make the quote shorter and add no further info though. Let’s think about the experience site visitors and hunt viewers get. Let’s make Steemhunt a site where the upvotes are actually a reward for effort.


i have made some changes check it now


Not sure that’s much of an improvement, things like

adding avatar on your profile and many things you can do

Aren’t necessarily useful info. But I will approve it this time.

networking is always priority that people have to have since gaming is important this hunt is important too


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