Medoctor tekhnology blcokchain - Maintain health and store data in the blockchain

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Medoctor tekhnology blcokchain

Maintain health and store data in the blockchain



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Hunter's comment

Let's look at how each individual's health is recorded and enshrined in the Blockchain data.

Conduct medical records about individual health, with several guides online with specially designed applications, which you will have, personal health history.

Getting direct chat with the face of Medoctor, so we will consult and they will record the medical history of all humans on the Blockchain.

To get the Visual you can see in the video below.



Hunter: @helmibireuen

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can you please fix the title it's completely mis-spelt, thank you. i'll give you 24hrs.

no title updates have been made so this has been delisted.

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A medicine field that is on top of a blockchain technology which makes the data more secured than others. This is also a free app that you can access its features like asking help for your illnesses.

Good platform about medice


Juga untuk menyimpan data serta riwayat kesehatan seluruh masyatakat...silahkan melihat lebih dalam @sanne