Kickstare - Kickstarter with electric, drift & stabilizer system

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Kickstarter with electric, drift & stabilizer system




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Kickstarter product output 2015 Will soon get an update in this case, so it is worth I Submit for soon in Publish to the latest products of this INFENTO Company, as for some of the advantages of this year they will soon release some new products that may be very attention Public.

In 2015 we launched Infento in Kickstarter and it is one of the most overwhelmingly flooded educational discoveries by crowdfunded. Now we're back to Kickstarter, with a massive expansion of Infento Universe.

Are you ready for endless fun? Here's what we prepared for you

An exclusive invention from our Infento designer: Smart Stabilizer System with two new designed blocks and four rubber strings. The strap of the Stabilizer System has two colors: gray and black. You will receive two pieces each. The black offers the greatest resistance, which means they are better suited for older children. The gray is more elastic. By mixing you can choose from three levels of power to create an ideal fit.

Brushless DC motor from ePulse System has two speed settings: switch the switch to select 3 mph (5 km / h) or 7 mph (11 km / u). Open the throttle by turning the handlebar, just like you do on a motorcycle. Reversed by pressing the button on the handlebar. The protective belt shield will ensure you have a safe journey. This motor is equipped with 4 Ah lithium-ion battery that is modular, so it can be placed in various positions. It provides you with 60 minutes of continuous running time for your adventure. After just 2 hours of charging, you'll be ready for the next tour.

Since the launch of our Kickstarter two years ago, Infento has won many design awards, toys and parenting.

This year we have won the Red Dot Award. This is one of the world's leading design awards. Our goal is to develop a vehicle that is not only modular and functional, but also beautiful to look at. It is a great honor to receive recognition from this prestigious prestigious jury.

Regardless of the design authority, we are also rewarded by parents who actually test the Kit itself. Choice Award Jury Parents describe Infento as a 'highly inventive construction tool' that 'delivers an invaluable learning experience'.



Hunter: @hendrisg

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finally something super creative, cool and fun! :) great work! :)

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Thank you for your attention, hope this new Tool will be very exciting for Children in the future


yeah kinda interesting where you can go with that concept for sure.


I really hope this will be something very awesome in the market for all Interested

Congratulations on your first hunt in Steemhunt. As you know, Steemhunt is a community-based community for new cool products. I am very proud and amazed because soon will be launched a new product in steemhunt.atas your hard work to make steemians around the World remember your services hope every move move will always get success.
finally something super creative, cool and fun! will soon be launched in the greatest blockchain, my gratitude to @hendrisg


Thank you for Visiting, I hope this Tool will be great fun

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