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The Nagaur Fair in Rajasthan is one of the biggest fairs in India, drawing tourists from around the world every year. Anirudh was soaking up the hustle and bustle of this festive, vibrant gathering when he came across this woman. The crowd at the fair was a thrilling patchwork of backgrounds and personalities, however this particular lady had an expression that held untold depth, and the resulting portrait is incredible.

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Photographed with a Nikon D3300 and the AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G.

ISO 200 | f/2.5 | 1/800s
MyNIKKOR photographer, Nicole Lau, wants to use photography to highlight precious family time and the invaluable connection of passing traditional culture to future generations.

With the ability to focus quickly in both daylight and low-light conditions, .



Hunter: @huzaifa182000

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