Floodule - World's first Smart Modular Floating & Self-sufficient House

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World's first Smart Modular Floating & Self-sufficient House



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In the last years the modular and smart houses have become very popular since in some way attack directly the housing problem, that's why today I want to share with you a really incredible alternative that will allow people to live in an ecological and self-sustainable way in a totally smart modular structure that can be placed anywhere including in the water.

Floodule is a house that has a built-in flotation system that allows it to remain stable in the water without any problem and can also be quickly repositioned in any other area. It should be noted that this house is totally self-sustainable thanks to the incorporation of solar panels and wind turbines.




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I love this type of floating technology which can give you an amazing experience living in the self-sufficient house. Nice hunting!

This is a super-excellent to floating easily via at this house. Very unique system.

This is simply amazing. Its technology, materials and structure/architecture are superb and of highest possible quality, there is no doubt about that, and if can bear the impact of a flood (I couldn't find the detail about it on the site ... Is it possible ... my personal opinion is it can according the details they have provided about the structure, but there is no official claim about it), then this is an outstanding product.

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whoops, this is indeed very cool and yes smart homes are becoming more popular over time. And tbh i actually loved such kinda home you can adjust them anytime anywhere. Now look at this amazing smart floating modular just love it very nice

Everyone want peaceful life and want to spend time with peace and harmony and nature could be the best place where we can do it. this house will be a perfect choice to spend some peaceful time in nature.

That would be an amazing lifestyle. They certainly are high end and look like there is a lot of attention to detail. The ability to withstand hurricanes and storm surges is also great. It is quite expensive maybe we will have to wait till our crypto's all moon. Awesome Find

Amazing hunt! Pretty cool when you have a house over the water sounds good, will be useful for travelers to have a house with a built-in floatation system and quick repositioning nice hunt


  • Wonderful experience.
  • Floating ability.
  • smart and advance technology.
  • self sustainable.


  • non

Wonderful and elegant! Design is awesome and it fitted with exquisite utilities handsomely be called a floating suite.

Its time for us to move to next level of houses which are way smart and made with the aim to offer high end technological features and best in looks too. Floodule is perfect example of that.

Love the idea of a modular and floating house. Location can no longer become boring and depending on the need, the house can be 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom. This is great for those trying to generate income from airbnb. Will be so unique. Great hunt.

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Well, This is my dream to live in such a house which is surrounded by water and it makes living more enjoyable and the good thing is it has all the necessary facility and it is smart too.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Great hunt! It is excellent for those who like to live in waterlogged houses, this modular and floating house can make their life more enjoyable, it has all the necessary facilities for them. Thanks for the great discovery.

Floodule seems an innovative well structured house equipped with all nacessary qualities. It will be an excellent experience to live in that floating beautiful house. Thanks for sharing this amazing Hunt with us.

Thanks @ideas-abstractas
I have been trying to build a float home the last couple of summers.
Floodule is perfect.
Any idea how much to buy and ship to Canada?
thanks again, Be Well....

It's the kind of thing that would be really handy to live on on the old canals of Britain (which are very quiet because hardly anyone uses them anymore. Or maybe a quiet creek. Nice find.

Floodule is an ideal floating house where everyone will desire to stay. Cool Hunt

in the upcoming days surely people need to build these kind of houses because all the forest been cutted down for making houses so afterall at the end there would be no land to live but only river , sea ...


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Great idea!!