Virtual Oceans - 3D Deep Exploration of the Underwater World

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Virtual Oceans

3D Deep Exploration of the Underwater World



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Virtual Oceans is an app that will allow us to enter the underwater world like never before through interactive and immersive visits to some of the coolest underwater places in the world, places that besides having a diverse ecosystem also have natural underwater wonders and man-made ones. With this app we will be able to enter in different submarine expeditions to some of the most fascinating ruins of the world.


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Underwater deep exploration through Vr seems pretty cool. Yes, quite an innovative usage of virtual reality. soon we will see VR technology everywhere like never before :P

Awesome App for iOS users to go deeply to underwater world and experienced Ocean trip by VR.
And above all it is best for students as written on the app page

it will provide students with an opportunity to gather observations from a submersible and experience practical ocean science.

Impressive Hunt, Your Hunt just got Verified!

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I always wanted explore the sea life, how sea animal lives, with this i can easily explore the sea life by sitting at my home.

I thought you were blacklisted for alt accounts. Anyway, great hunt, and congratulations to all 4 accounts you have for this terrific hunt that allows one to explore nature from the comfort of one's home.


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It looks like a unique and innovative opportunity to experience a series of dives at key locations in the world’s oceans in a submersible pretty cool. The dives are designed to provide students with 3D interactive visualizations of the complex ocean and how ocean processes vary across the planet. This should help students to increase their knowledge too. Excellent Search

Now this is kool and would be aWeSoMe for the lil' one's to enjoy and learn with for those times in line rather than super controlled you tube or just a game. I like it!


  • Use of 3D technology.
  • you can get information about sea life
  • in depth research
  • A new way.


  • non

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

This is really a great way to explore the life in the ocean and the species living there without actually going in deep water. It will make the time fun and enjoyable.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Hello dear friends!
Absolutely great search and it is always be interesting to know about the sea world. Because just examine or guess about the the lower surface of sea but when be find chance to know about it deeply through any application that time our Imaginative mind becomes creative because we feel some enthusiastic having some knowledge about underwater world.

It looks very interesting app, it can enjoy underwater in the sea, so that we can feel pleasant in our life under the sea. Great search

What a great and amazing hunt. You can find best enjoying app for us. This app helps you you can feel you are under ocean and enjoying with fishes. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Today user an awesome application and it is very interesting application. Thank you very much for sharing with us

Great Hunt! Now, this is really a great app to enjoy the underwater experience in virtual reality with the help of this VR based app and this will be more enjoyable for kids nice hunt

Zoology students will love it. They will learn alot about marine animals.

Awesome App

Amazing app for people who love to explore marine life without any efforts. Nice hunt

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OMG! I loved to explore the underwater things which I have never seen even most of the people can't explore so this app is a great help to explore everything under the water.

It is very nice and interesting app because we can have experience of under water in the ocean. Great hunt.

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I want to go scuba diving once in my life. If not real then of course virtual. Thanks for this now i can enjoy scuba diving with the help of this app.