ZenPods - Smart Modular & Self-contained Space

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Smart Modular & Self-contained Space



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ZenPods is a smart and modular studio that can be used for different purposes with the peculiarity of being able to be equipped with multiple gadgets and innovations to improve our performance. This studio also has a noise reduction system.




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WONDERFUL! It is a life savior for many businessmen to avail of this module for multi-purpose. Best one for conducting some official meetings. Nice sharing!

This looks good for P 2 p meeting, it has enough place for two people to sit and have private conversation. The look of the cabin is outstanding

Great find for separate offices, where usually space area is pretty small,shops or even for picnic. It will give you feel of privacy.Nice solution to utilize narrow space in the most efficient way. Nice hunt

these smart studios are so good looking and offer a nice experience to users. Having such pods at work will be a great idea and noise reduction will help to maintain privacy as well. Superb hunt

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-
Well, Such studios are very helpful for private meetings and it will give us silence and privacy to do conversation.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

great hunt, find these to be very practical in small working spaces. there are tons of coffee shops that can may be make use of this, or may just small co-working spaces with only open desks. Love how efficiently it utilizes space.

This looks soo cool with very nice interior decorated. Design is also cool. All important things are adjusted in it well I'm surprised. It's very wonderful solution for students who wants a peaceful study at home. Overall it is great product with multiple purposes. Great Hunt

They look private enough that you could conduct a business meeting over dinner in one of them without worrying whether you were being overheard by other guests. If they have wifi and an electrical socket, so much the better.

So nice and useful product because through this ZenPods there is good efficiency of studio without noise. Great hunt.

Such an amazing platform we can use this space for recording and other noise free work. Great hunt


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I think such Smart pods are much needed at work to have better utilisation of space and I like it because it has noise reduction system which is helpful to stay away from disturbance. Great hunt

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