modular light - The world's smartest light

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modular light

The world's smartest light



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Hunter's comment

hi friends

I hope you all are fine and fit. Today i am going to share with you, The world's smartest and most modular light that can be controlled by voice and also motion / music reactive. You can design this light according to your desire and situation and change the design again and again. You can create any color and shape in seconds conveniently. I think it is good for any concert and wedding ceremony because it is capable to depict the situation in shape of music and lights.



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This is one of those not necessarily necessary items that still makes you feel like you must have it.
(I want this, lol)
The functional added features and flexibility will appeal to some, maybe many people that are well outside of their target market. Myself included. I hope they reach their goals and succeed with this product.

Hi hunter,

Thanks for your contribution. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

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Looks similar to Nanoleaf, but maybe better & cheaper (at least the crowdfunding price). Hope it delivers as promised.