InShot Video & Photo Editor - 2 in 1 - Video & Photo editor app

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InShot Video & Photo Editor

2 in 1 - Video & Photo editor app





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Features of the Video Editor:

  • supports a range of video formats MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, 3GP and more
  • allow users to connect different videos to one main video
  • allow users to add additional tests, sticks and emojis as needed.
  • can add different visual effects
  • can act as a video converter
  • cut & edit videos easily
  • add music to the videos
  • watermarks can be removed from videos (additional payment required)

Features of the Video Editor:

  • edit videos with various filters & themes
  • allows adding stickers and frames to your photos
  • watermarks can be removed (additional payment required)

Best recommended for Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc.



Hunter: @japanguide

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The application of photo and video editing is already a lot on IOS or Android, but I am interested in this one application. I think this app has features that are more simple but its function is extraordinary. because I can conclude from the post that I read and the application rating up to 4.7.
Editing photos here might make me look more handsome again :D


in my opinion there is no cons on this app.

Super! @japanguide

*Note: This is just ”my personal opinion”, not intended to “judge” the reviews you have made.

InShot has several advantages including:

  • 2 in 1. You no longer need to use different applications to edit photos and edit videos. InShot provides these 2 features well.
  • Qualified features. There are a myriad of features provided by InShot, ranging from Cropping, Filtering, Text, and so forth.
  • Response and Update from Developer
    I see that the response given by developers to complaints and other problems is very friendly and fast.
    In addition, this application was last updated in the beginning of this month, so the developer looks still active to develop it.

The features offered are very standard. Even so, InShot has reached more than 50,000 million downloads, and this is worth appreciating.

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