Plants vs Zombies 2 - A game of strategic type towers defense

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Plants vs Zombies 2

A game of strategic type towers defense



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Hunter's comment

Hello everyone in this post i bring you a funny game.

Plants vs zombies 2: about the game you are the plants and you have to defend or take care your plants, many zombies will go to kill or eat your plants but every plant that you put in a space have a skill, every plant have own skill.

about the maps: there are many maps and scenarios, that make the game some different, every time that you pass a map,You can win a new plant with a new skill.

  • Fact: I played this game and i think that it's a funny game, also the game it's very extensive, i want to say that you will go to have many hours of entertainment.

if you ask me a thing that i dont like about this game, it's that in a some maps are many hard to pass and you need to buy a "coin" or pay to win,because in a some ocacitions the game it's hard to pass.

  • the game it's free and you need 200m space in your smartphone:
  • also you need a 1 gb Ram and 1 Ghz of processor if you want that game run very well.



Hunter: @jeremiwilkins

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