You42 - A new social network based on ethereum

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A new social network based on ethereum


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Hunter's comment

Hello all I want to show a page that it's new and this page have its own crypto coin. the name of this is "You42" i go to show some things about that.

In this page you can go up your own videos or music and share it with many person and you can reach a nice reputation when you begin, the page give you 25 tokens of it coin.

you can share all your articles and make your own projects.

you can make gameplay about many games and share it with your friends and all community.

Do you like to read or write books ? in this page you can make that and you have the opinion of users here and they can recommend you articles and share it.

if you want to register in this page i go to give you the link of this.



Hunter: @jeremiwilkins

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Wow , music based platform and Ethereum ) its absolutelt interested for me . The app looks like nice but , need analyse thank you for hunt !


check it friend, greetings

Hi @jeremiwilkins,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.


thank you friend.