Wearbuds Watch - Smartwatch that houses its earbuds

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Wearbuds Watch

Smartwatch that houses its earbuds



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The Wearbuds Watch is a revolutionary device that brings together a game-changing smartwatch, high-quality earbuds, and an advanced health & fitness tracker into one perfect timepiece.


The sleek design hides a built-in charging compartment for your earbuds. Together with its various tracking and communication features, Wearbuds Watch is stylish enough to make a statement and modern enough to keep up with your lifestyle. eb1.jpg

Our Engineering and product design team made the extra effort to redesign and create a smartwatch that stores the earbuds and charges them very quickly. Slide your earbuds into the smartwatch to charge their batteries. Then, take them out whenever you need them and enjoy the high-quality audio that keeps you motivated and helps hit the goals!




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This looks really clever - not just that the earbuds can be stored neatly in the watch, but that they get charged while they are being stored in the watch.


yes, it's look cool.

I love this beautiful watch that I am looking at right now. Thanks for sharing.


you are welcome and thanks for support.

This is one of the kinds of unique product that we want to see in the hunt. This is good. A smartwatch that can easily house its earbud.


thank you sir.