Sound Box - Explore motor skills to play with fun sounds & compose music

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Sound Box

Explore motor skills to play with fun sounds & compose music



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This musical box of sound surprises is perfect for toddlers! Introduce children to sound and music with this magical app – just shake, rattle and tap! Listen for cheerful chimes, horns, drums, animals and more. Your little one is sure to laugh and giggle as they play.

With this app the children will be able to have fun creating new melodies in an amusing way with animations that will entertain them a lot.


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What a useful, fun and yet learning musical app. for children.

Wishing the company much success.

Thank you @edje for the additional information.

Appreciate this cool hunt! @jsxchemistry.


Very interesting and attractive for kids to enjoy music and create different melodies.

Interesting app this is! Professional website, and is sold at more places than just the Apple and Android stores. Amazon is a third option.

Small kids mostly like different sound. Sound box is provide funny sound and music. They can listen different sound play shaking and tap. Nice hunt

A very useful app for kids to learn in an interesting way. It will help them unleash their creative skills and intellectual development.

This sounds great for parents who can't afford a piano (or haven't the room in their house for one). Their child can learn music via the app giving time to see if the child has apptitude for it before investing in an instrument.

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