MoonSteem - First Steem Crash Game

3년 전


First Steem Crash Game



Hunter's comment

This is a brand new crash game where you can play with Steem. Yes another beautiful game where you can play with steem.

Join right now with my link and you will receive 1000 Steemies and start playing.


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You got me on this one as I was about to post it, too lol, here's my review anyways.

We always have heard the steem old saying "Steem To The Mooon" - Well! It seems now it's possible to get our steem a one way ticket straigth to the crypto space, specifically to the moon... Literally.

moon 1.jpg

moonSTEEM is an easy to play crash game added on the steem ecosystem where you can multiply your steem 2x 3x 10x 20x 50x 100x 1000x ... MOON! If your lucky enough.

This new Dapp is quite simple to use.
You just have to "Place Your Bets"

And stop the multiplier before it crashes.

You can also get free Steemies (in game coin) by supporting @moonsteem on Steemit.



I love this crash game. I was always dreaming to launch my own game!

  ·  3년 전

yep i just came to know about this gambling game today lol and already this game is getting pretty high hype :p all the best to all who wanna gamble :p

Steem games are always intresting to play

I can't take part on different steem blockchain games as I don't get much time. But this one looks really simple. And it can give us 1000x chance to win. Though maybe that would not happen very often.
Great hunt!

i know lot of steemains member play many kind of game this steem journey hopefully this game like this. if you interest then you checked this game.

yeha this has become one of the cool game that is probably going to get a lot of attention and it is indeed smooth and simple I must say !! Liked it as well.