Iota folding toilet - New designed folding toilet that saves water and space

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Iota folding toilet

New designed folding toilet that saves water and space



Hunter's comment

Iota is a folding toilet was designed as a final-year project at the UK's University of Huddersfield which is smaller and more efficient
•Completely new and innovative idea that throws the old fashioned toilet principle.
•Unique designed U bend allows for easy passage of water and materials
•Less than 42% of water is used compare to others toilets
•Excellent space saving



Hunter: @jyoti-thelight

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It's an unique idea that I can fold a toilet. Usually, once it is installed and there is no need to move. Also, you should not fold the toilet if you install hot seat or bidet in the toilet. Anyway, I think there's a good idea and somewhere else I need.

now that's innovative! :) space saving. wow! :)

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I agree with @teamhumble, it's not only innovative and saves space but I would like to add further more, "It has a great aesthetic value as well and people like me will be glad to install it in our toilets."

Oh Wow! What did I just watch! I bet a lot of wives/gfs will love this, no more leaving the toilet open lol. I think I wouldn't mind one myself to be honest. Great Hunt!

Nice hunt! It looks cool. A great design to save the space and keep everything clean. It has a good name too, IOTA haha

Great Hunt @jyoti-thelight. This toilet is saved your place of the house. Thank you for sharing this amazing hunt

Very good invention. By saving 42% of the water, this is great. All products that are environmentally friendly and save natural sight like water, air, earth ... Super hunt

this toilet is coupled to smaller space sites save 20% more water than comventional toilets

This is really nice toilet! The design is kinda awesome and it really subjects to cleanliness. ;)

Excellent hunting, It has a very practical design, and looks great, it helps us save space, if we have a small bathroom or we want to give more space to the shower this is the perfect toilet for us, it also seems very good that we can save and that 42% is very important, this toilet in particular helps us save water and space, I would buy it without hesitation.

Very cool and very innovative. I just hope there isn't too much splashing when the toilet is transforming cause that could cause problems haha

This toilet is so unique. It minimizes the usage of water and it’s most designed with new innovative idea compared to the old age toilet which has almost outdated and also the features of space savings is so cool.

Great hunt

This is an impressive Hunt,. You deserve some accolades Hunter @jyoti-thelight doe bringing this Nice product👍
This is my first time ever seeing a folding toilet,..😀

  • lots is very nice design which allows bending for easy passing of water
  • It also saves water

Keep it up Hunter💞

  ·  2년 전

This type of toilets will be those of the near future, although I do not know how useful they are, because if they have an innovative design and are automatic, but today there are toilets that do the same functions, by the way, excellent hunter, regards ..

Iota-folding-toilet looks like a great way to use less water. Thanks for sharing. Perfect hunt.

I think it's a pretty useful product because the toilet then spent a lot of water and paper waste. Thanks to this product, we will support us in the neighborhood and in the material sense. GREAT HUNT :)

This is a creative design for a closet, making it utilize lesser amounts for water. The fact that it folds up to make space would be nice in small sized bathroom.

I love this toilet, many times we have little space in the bathroom and this would be of great help, and the best is the amount of water we will save, great hunting

Innovative & practical design for public restrooms. Additional features could include - unfurl/refurl sensor & seat sanitizer (UV or fine mist). Interesting hunt!

Unbelievable! The combination of creativity and technology in a toilet, who would say! hahaha. The thing about this product is that it saves significantly on water, something very useful these days. Great hunt!

Thanks for share this hunt!

Wow! It's amazing how you can make the most of what you see in your daily life so innovative. Usually we don't have enough room in the house, but if we do that, we'll have a lot of room available, and it'll really help everyone.

This is excellent! I couldn't have imagined this. This will go a long way in influencing other people on how a toilet should be. Very simple. Nice hunt!

@ jyoti-thelight excellent hunting, this product is really amazing, beyond its novel design, the fact of saving a very important resource like water is great.
thank you very much for letting us know this new product
I wish you a happy hunt

Great idea to save water, because mankind will face to drinkable water problem in the future. Perfect hunt.

really! i didn't even thought or expected this kinda invention
pretty skeptical on how sanitary this would be

Surprisingly interesting hunt @jyoti-thelight. This toilet belongs in every home.

Although at first sight it seems very strange to me that a cup of poseta moves, I like it since it saves a lot in water this great good hunting

I never thought i will see something like this specially in this niche but i salute the hunt because the product offers an Eco-friendly solution, with a very unique concept and design and in the same time i think it will be a lot of fun as well to have a toilet like that...

Lota Folding Toilet is one of the very innovative products created by students that I have seen here at @steemhunt. From design to its functionality, this looks perfect for small apartments. Additionally, it covers less space and helps save water. This is for sure a product from the future. Great hunt @jyoti-thelight. Keep hunting more.

This is a great concept. They managed to create a functional design that uses just 2.5 litres of water. It's a little odd-looking but I think people could get used to it. I hope it becomes available for sale.

I hope Iota has wins the RSA's Re-invent the Toilet competition.
These toilets should be used in RV's.

hey there, on review i see that the hunt is actually going to magazine and not directly to the product pages on the companies website, can you fix that please.

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  ·  2년 전

Wow this is excellent design.brilliant idea!

can you please remve the dashes in the title of this post for me please however so it helps with people searching in the future. thank you.


Yes, please check the changes, Thank you

If I came into a john and didn't know what to look for I'd urinating somewhere else. This is pretty kool but again I think you must know what you're looking for. For space saving it would work very well!

Clever idea, smart hunt. Good job

what a idea! this is excellent hunt. Fantastic technology that can easily make us happy.


Thank you, i am glad that you like this hunt

Good hunt


Less space use
Less water use
Good design


  ·  2년 전

This is a great toilet with an overwhelming design. I just hope the suspension won’t get weak or losen over time

as no url has been provided, i have to hide them i'm afraid. it was when you corrected the title i scanned the post again and realised that the url was not direct to the product on the companies website ;(

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as no url has been provided, i have to hide them i'm afraid. it was when you corrected the title i scanned the post again and realised that the url was not direct to the product on the companies website ;(

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Ok! Let me find the correct url, Please wait thank you

Awesome hunt

It is much needed in water crisis era and yeh space constraints is also appreciable .

At least with this, there's no more arguing over the toilet seat. Lol! I like the compact design. But the best part is the water savings that you could generate by replacing the traditional toilet seat. I'm just worried about wear and tear since this design has moving parts that could break down, unlike the regular toilet.

Although at first sight it seems very strange to me that a cup of poseta moves, I like it since it saves a lot in water this great good hunting

First time i saw foldable toilet. Lota is excellent innovation. Great hunt.

Iota is an efficient toilet. It makes small toilet wider. I love it.
I would like to buy for my small house.

Cool hunt!

Appreciations from me to you @jyoti-thelight, for sharing "Iota-folding-toilet" a unique Hunt with us.

It is new and attractive innovation which has many useful and unique simple features. specially designed as folding toilet that saves and covers very low water and space. thanks for introducing such product so keep hunting.

Lota Folding Toilet is a perfect example of minimalist design and seamless functionality that helps us save water and space. This is always pleasing to know that students applied their knowledge and came up with something as amazing as this folding toilet. I congratulate the makers of this product. Also, I want to applaud for the hunter. Good work @jyoti-thelight.

you know I never expected there to be so much innovation in toilets


yes i agree with you thank you

This if it deserves a positive vote, the fact of collaborating with the balance of helping us with the saving of some of the most precious natural resources such as water, already deserves our full attention.

Innovative design, comfortable and more hygienic I love, congratulations

Great design.... This toilet is perfect for small bathrooms... I would buy one without hesitation! Great hunt! :)

Why do I need to fold a toilet

Technology giving people different and crazy idea but its really cool what is remaining is that it should be able to go micro or nano so we can pocket out toilet and move about with it lol

Great one

  ·  2년 전

I have developed a toilet before. I did not realize this idea. I envy the idea.

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This is cool, space-efficient, and water-efficient. Excellent. I want one...

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The toilet is amazing, it is perfect for maintaining the details of comfort and cleanliness

Brilliant idea. Great hunt!