Bakey's - World's first edible cutlery

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World's first edible cutlery



Hunter's comment

Plastic is a disaster and lots of new alternatives are coming out to deal with this menace. One such alternative is Bakey's - world's first edible cutlery. With this you dont even have biodegradable waste.

Comes in three basic flavours - plain, sweet and savoury, perfect for vegans and and will obviously degrade if not consumed.

The cutlery itself includes spoons, forks of various sizes and the company plans to launch bowls as well. Its made from dough that is a mix of sorghum, rice and wheat flour, baked in moulds.

A great step towards a sustainable future.



Hunter: @karamyog

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Hi @karamyog,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

lovely! This is well packed with different cutlerries. I am personally wowed by what it was made from. The future is truly brighter.


It truly is, i was totally amazed when i saw this.


  • Friendly to the environment.
  • Good idea to replace plastic cutlery.
  • It degrades when not ingested.
  • Variety of flavors, so that everyone can choose which one they like.


  • None for this product.

Thanks for your review @crazydani


Wow Amazing for where the world walks looking for the sustainable. It seems perfect to me, so we will reduce the plastic waste that damages the environment and, in the long run, to ourselves. It would be highly innovative to be used in restaurants; yunmi I would choose the sweet silverware ..!

Congratulations friend hunter...!


Absolutely, plus some restaurants, when you order tea or coffee at the end of your meal will give you a small sweet biscuit with it, now one will have to eat the stirrer. :)

nice pic of kitchen item i like to cooking

Awesome hunt

plastic waste has made our life hell ,Our water resources are getting polluted ,our soil is getting polluted . plastic waste directly or indirectly has a negative effect on out lives . So to completely go away with plastic is not possible ,before we start to go away with it we need to make something which can replace it . Bakey's is such a innovation which let's us yo go go away with plastic in which edibles are served .

best of luck


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