Kozlík Baby - Stroller for sporty families

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Kozlík Baby

Stroller for sporty families



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Hunter's comment

Ideal choice for all active parents who are looking for safe and reliable transport equipment for sport activities, on trips as well as into town. It offers maximum security with an emphasis on elements supporting healthy child development, easy manipulation, allowing immediate use and durable construction to facilitate movement in any terrain.

Sporty buggy and stroller Kozlík - Baby

Kozlík stroller is a perfect companion for any family adventure and allows versatille usage throughout the whole year.

The stroller can be simply attached behind the bike and in few minutes to be ready for a trip or for shopping. Lovers of in-line skating or hiking will appreciate its design allowing easy handling with comfort anywhere. The brakes on the handle then ensure safe movement even in difficult terrain.

Now you don´t have to make any compromises and you can live actively together with your children.




Hunter: @kazbo


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Hi @kazbo,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Hi, @kazbo, Nice Hunt
Here is my opinion about your product.


  • I really like this cool stroller because it's seat is much flat and wide than conventional one therefore users can soothing their baby to sleep in less tiresome way.
  • It has flat and big tires thus gives more grip and comfort.
  • It also has a shade at the top to protect the baby as well as straps to secure the baby in place.
  • It has a place where users can attach a bag and carry other light items as well.


  • There is nothing negative to say about this product overall a unique and useful baby
    stroller with lots of cool features.

wow @kazbo, it's great haha ​​although I would not take my son to ski in this thing, he is very small and could not stand to be sitting all day XD

About the product, it is very good, has a very unique design and apparently seems to be a bit safe, ideal for adventures in the field or any family adventure.

I think this gadget would be really cool for family adventures. Well, to all the adventure lovers, here is a great hunt for you. Take time to check it out. Thanks for the hunt.

I love the design. It looks very elegant. This will help sporty families. I love the safety explanation of the product. Nice hunt!

Hahaha, Kozlik Baby looks so funny, im sure my kid would love it when he was a baby. Great hunt.

Hello, your hunt is cool!
Here is my personal comment for your hunt:


  • Had a cute design
  • Safe to use
  • Can use on hard conditions
  • Easy to use


  • None

Thank you very much! Looking for your new hunt.

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Interesting this hunting did not know that something like that could exist.