Bolt - A new way to workout

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A new way to workout



Hunter's comment

Bolt is a new workout tracker for iOS. Whether you're someone who goes to the gym to lift weights, runs on the treadmill, or sweats through a CrossFit WOD, Bolt is a great way to easily track your progress over time and improve at the gym.

Great platform based on fitness

Dedicated application available

Easy to use.

Choose from over 200 included exercises.



Hunter: @kheightces

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Nice app but sadly its only supported by IOS. But it has its advantages as some new features. Over 200 exercises. Nice to make a turn in your training as you lose inspiration to be more inovative. Keep 'em Comin

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Bolt is a great sports program that works in IOS. A great game that will keep track of your progress while running or weight training. Special application for you. It has more than 200 programs.

Do you go to the gym or have a show at home? You can do this by following your program more professionally. Bolt is a great product that will offer you many programs.

Sport is very important for us to stay healthy. People usually go to the gym for sports. They have a program but it is difficult to follow this program. Bolt was produced for program tracking.

didnt know what is bolt now i know, i have no app phone so i cannot see how this app looks like but seems nice