Bitcoin Mining Simulator - Feel like a Bitcoin Millionaire and Build Mining Farms

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Bitcoin Mining Simulator

Feel like a Bitcoin Millionaire and Build Mining Farms








Hunter's comment

In this addicting game you will be building your mining farm starting from 2 cards, selling Bitcoins on exchanges while watching for arbitrage opportunities and then buying more GPU cards and expanding your locations.

If you ever wonder how a pro miner lives this is a chance to taste his life and decide if you want to go this route.

Mining BTC happends by rappidly tapping on screen, then when you decide to have enough coins you sell them for best prices and go for some shopping. In the game you will mine not only Bitcoin but also alternate currencies like LTC or ETH.

During the adventure you will move from your small village farm to datacenter, ship or even Iceland but i dont want to spoil you all the fun.

Game is available in many languages and has in-app purchases ie a Gold Robot which taps the screen for you.



Hunter: @kingscrown

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  • Interesting game
  • Very easy to downloading.
  • Free


  • None

Thank you, Good game


  • This is really an interesting game! This is best for crypto beginners who want to experience how to mine crypto coins and exchange them without the fear of losing some "real money"
  • This would help you better understand how cryptocurrency works


  • Only a few people might be able to relate to this. If you have little to no knowledge about how crypto works, you will surely have some difficulties in understanding this game

Perfect, if they get lost by it, they will have to research it, bringing them into the crypto community.

Wow, this game looks so cool!

watching the whole promotional video is like simulation of a bitcoin miner's owner life hahaha.


  • Make new comers to mining to understand how really mining works in terms of economics and finance
  • Nice UI of the game also!


  • I think it's a clicking game, which I am not a fan of this kinda game


  • Fun game to learn the basics about blockchain technology
  • Lots of possibilities and upgrades provided in the game


  • No long-time fun game


  • Really detailed graphics
  • You can live a life as a miner :D
  • This game provides you insights into the blockchain world


  • Nothing


  • This will really give you an idea on how to start in bitcoin mining
  • It will be very beneficial since you can have your own bitcoin
  • You will mine not only Bitcoin but also alternate currencies like LTC or ETH.
  • This is really an interesting game!


  • It can be an addicting game which is really a bad effect :D

Great hunt! Congratulations!! :)


love to play a mining game on the App
available on multiple platforms
easy to start for beginners.

nothing really


This Bitcoin mining game is addictive and fun to play with.
anti-virus free
good design of the game



game experience is awesome
play it without losing your crypto
easy to start

none I can see

• Interesting game for minor
• Very easy to downloading
• Nothing
• Thank you for sharing.

This is one addicted game!

Pros :

  • It does give you chance to farm your own bitcoin
  • A nice simulator mining game
  • This kind of game will surely improve the way you think about bitcoin
  • Gaming experience that would help you become a bitcoin expert


  • A game intended only who understands about bitcoin and crypto currency

Looks like a very addicting game. Might give it a try.

Keep up the hunt!
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Bitcoin Mining Tycoon.
Because reality has a steeper learning curve.
Will be surprised if the game's software does not mine.


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Cons:. Better games to play using limited time.

This game is very addictive, I will download it. It would be genius if you could win satroshis by playing it.

It might be worth it to mine if you have about 20k minimum startup capital. Unfortunately that's not me.

this post help me !! nice!!

i just downloaded XD thanks for sharing .. must try it

very useful information @kingscrown, thanks for sharing

easy to use
Good shape

We are slightly late in this

That is really interesting and I'm a bit shocked that someone thought of building this...


  • It helps beginners to understand how cryptocurrency works and the way of life of bitcoin miners.
  • It is really interesting simulator game especially for beginners like me. A simulator game that can help you to become a bitcoin expert.
  • No worries for any transaction, because it is only a game simulator, no need to use real money.
  • Support many languages is a plus


  • The game is 99.9% addictive
  • It is difficult to introduce the game to person without interest of how cryptocurrency works or No idea about bitcoin


  • Helps understand everyone how mining works while playing a game
  • Very easy and fun to play
  • Simple graphics
  • The game can only be for those who have some knowledge of cryptos

Pros :

  • It gives you an idea on how bitcoin mining works and understand more about bitcoin
  • This game will give you experience on how the real world works regarding bitcoin
  • It helps you to become an expert about bitcoin mining and learn other cryptocurrency


  • For me I dont see any cons for this because it really helps or gives some idea for people who are planning to do some bitcoin mining works

Pros :

  • Bitcoin related game
  • Simulating rich
  • easy UI
  • Get understanding about farming
  • can simulate trading

Cons :

  • in app purchase

I'm definitely downloading this app for my 8 year old cousin

Nice game. Good intro for kids on future economy :)

Looks like got myself a new challenger


  • Fun way to get to know the blockchain mining topic
  • Well designed application
  • Trains your finger in the beginning of the game because of the many clicks you need to make :D


  • Just available on the android playstore

I'm going nuts with SMTs

Nice stuff, I almost thought it was a full on mining rig lol

This looks fun and somewhat educational for noobs. If only you can mine while playing... I wouldnt have a life (not that I already did).

Nice one. Lets smile like this to make btc up to the moon lol



  • Cool and enjoyable game, crypto-enthusiast would surely relate this.
  • Challenging and perfect for amateurs and for those who want to kill time :P
  • Provides a new experience for people who are new or interested in crypto


  • I haven't seen any, would probably install this.

Thank you for very important information.



이 글을 리스팀 해주신 소중한 분들입니당~

리스팀 목록


cool App provides best experience for crypto lovers.
support different platforms.
easy to use.

nothing I see.

Pros :

  • This is a very awesome mining simulator game
  • This gives you a free bitcoin to farm
  • The easiest way to understand crypto is playing a game
  • This game will help you improve your knowledge on crypto


  • This only for people who knows cryptocurrency

wow very nice!


user friendly design.
support Android and Apple version.
easy download and install.

none I can see


mining is always fun, this App let you simulate mining game which is creative.
version available from Playstore

nothing I see

oh very useful information!! Thanks for sharing :) have a niceday!

Lol does it have a 51% attack feature ;-p


very nice mining game for bitcoin/crypto lovers
you can play without any money invested into

no harm to play I don't see any cons


To own a bitcoin machine now days might be a risking investment, so this game let you simulate and feel it I think it's very good concept.


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Nice one..wish i will know how to do mining..i have a blockhain wallet

This is an interesting project, I like it, well documented with interesting graphics. Excellent, THANKS for sharing!

Congratulations @kingscrown!
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thanks for sharing.

It's very awesome

This looks like a fun game, would you happen to know if it’s for iOS!?

I just downloaded, thanks for sharing! :D

I feel like this is just like any other simulator/clicker game

Haha, that is an amazing game! And a good idea for sure! I only feel like the illustrations and colors could be better maybe ? But I suppose each person has their of preference.

Will give it a try, then later will be pros and cons.

Pros: can be an addictive game, because we can try the bitcoin mining simulation.
Cons: it's only simulation, and the real mining is really different.


  • Interesting game for BTC miners.
  • Design.


  • No iOS.

want to experiance bitcoin mining for free and profit ? check out my last post. im gonna create later with the withdrawal

I'm new to the community. Downloading now. Excited to better understand mining 😊

Looks cool for this minnow. Just a pity that of all the coin/currencies that I can't mine steem. Though judging from the little I have learned here so far...there must be a pretty good reason for it. And so it goes...


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