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Live Coin Watch

Live Cryptocurrency Market Tracker







Hunter's comment

This portal offers something which others dont - it loads and updates prices and market capitalizations of coins live. You can keep the site open and just set up times when it updates all charts from 2 sec up to 60 sec. Their main competitor is a static page which checks prices only on load.

If you create account they also have portfolio tracker where you can add your buys and sells and see on nice chart where you are with your investments.

Also if you just want to watch some coins they have a watchlist option. This way you can easily check projects you are interested in but don't add any trades you did or just watch projects that you don't have yet want to have easy access too.

Product is still a beta and they keep adding new stuff.



Hunter: @kingscrown

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  • It has portfolio tracker where you can add your buy and sells and check with the charts
  • It can help you to be notified and updated


  • No cons for this


  • Provides easy access to the cryptocurrency market
  • Collects Up-to-date information
  • Simple to use and understanble format
  • Very convenient and ideal who invest in tons of cryptos

None, awesome hunt you've picked up!


  • Amazing looking product
  • Looks really fun and useful
  • Benefitial for humanity


  • Nothing comes to my mind

Hi @kingscrown,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Steem at number 32 is not bad, though I don't know why ripple is in the top 3.

I have a feeling that this is the answer to my yesterdays question to you. Any chance that I maybe right?


exactly that :)


Thanks man :D

Also check out


I'm bookmarking that one too

I wasn't even aware of so thank you for that also.
Checking it out now.

Nice tracker

An awesome hunt, keep it up.


  • Like the live tracking option, perfect for traders
  • Users are able to use the watch list option for practice
  • Portfolio tracker to see if you're investing the right way


  • Still in beta mode so it's possible that there might be some bugs

A real crypto ticker, sweet! Hitting refresh is suckers!

Awesome but will make me go mad ill sit there and just watch it all day lol

👍 Nice Hunt! @kingscrown 👍

Even if you watch Live Coin Watch almost the same as the features provided by next door neighbors (such as Coinmarketcap, Coinlib, etc.), but the excess Coin Watch is almost real time update every 2 - 60 seconds. This ensures that no chance is missed in our analysis.

In addition, your portfolio diversification can also be monitored if you add linked accounts.

Then, the next feature gives you the ability to filter which coins are most favorites to you.

Nothing, though almost the same as the others.

Wow, it looks cool.


  • loads and updates prices and market capitalizations of coins live
  • have portfolio tracker where you can add your buys and sells and see on the chart where you are with your investments.
  • has warch list


  • none for this hunt

Thanks for your hunt.

Thanks @kingscrown for the update and headup. The tracker is good idea and intereting


  • Fast and detailed page for almost all crypto currencies
  • You can save/track your portfolio value
  • You can save your favorite coins


  • Nothing


  • It has a live prices display
  • It updates charts automatically by just in seconds so you will have an exact data of prices every second
  • More features are available to those who have accounts
  • You can have the option to view the coins watch list so that you will know or check projects without doing any trades or so


  • I can’t find any so far since this is really useful for traders


  • You dont have to refresh the page every time just to see the prices of the cryptos since it will automatically loads itself in real time. Perfect for day traders
  • It actually works like but this is much more better since you will be able to have a watchlist or keep track of your crypto investments
  • You can create an account for FREE


  • Though this is still in its beta phase, I see no cons for this one.

Hi @kingscrown!

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Good hunt @kingscrown

Pros :

  • Cryptocurrency realtime prices and other details
  • It has a easy to use interface
  • Detailed analysis of coin available

Cons :

  • The application is very buggy

seems little complicated

@kingscrown what a great hunt you have done for us @huntmates to be aware of something like this thanks


  • Easy to use and get started
  • I want to have it right now
  • Great overall look and feel


  • Nothing I can see so far

Great hunt!! Congrats! :)

  • It has a real time data display viewing
  • It has an upgraded features for the with account users
  • Load time is really short which is realy great
  • It has also a free accounts


  • I can see no cons for this thing

you can track your entire portfolio with this including charts and all of your stats
live updates makes information more accurate than a static page
easy to use even if you are a beginner

I do not see any cons

Pros :

  • A great way to deal check cryptocurrency on live feed
  • You can easily check total market cap and 24 hour volume
  • A simple design which can really be a good reference for cryptocurrency traders

Cons :

  • None that i can find

Need to learn more about this total newbie

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Pros :

  • updates prices and market capitalization of coins live

  • it has a watchlist option

Cons :

None. This is a helpful crypto market tracker