Beethoven Phone - AI-Powered Smartphone for Deaf People with Sign Translation

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Beethoven Phone

AI-Powered Smartphone for Deaf People with Sign Translation



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The Beethoven Phone is for the hearing challenged folks who find it difficult to communicate with others through sign language. Not everyone knows sign language and to remove this barrier when the hearing challenged person types in his message, it gets relayed to the other person through the transparent screen as well as a voice message. What makes the device stand apart is the capability to turn back voices into text. So imagine the challenged person enjoying a movie using this device! Very cool!


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This is to help deaf people talk to people they meet in person, isn't it? It's a clever idea - in the past they were obliged to carry a notebook and pen to communicate with people.

Beethoven Phone is a great accessibility solution named after the legendary composer who manage to compose some of the greatest music ever composed while being deaf.

It is awesome how technology is creating this type of innovation to help and improve disable people lives, cheers for that.


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