Bionic Ear - Super 3D-printed Bionic Ear Can Hear More Than You

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Bionic Ear

Super 3D-printed Bionic Ear Can Hear More Than You



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Our future is going to look very much different that what we have gotten used to these days. With 3D printing on the rise, the 3D revolution is taking off. Take this 3D-printed bionic ear for instance. It is capable of hearing radio frequencies that ordinary people are not capable of. The tissue and antenna were merged using a 3D printer. This can probably be done for eyes and other parts of human body. Now that’s something fascinating to watch out for.


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Eww strange looking ear but looks aside this is amazing but also frightening as I think the future will bring conversion of humans being half robotic and such a ear with better capabilities that your average human sure points to this kind of future,

The claim of hearing frequencies what ordinary people can't is nothing short of a miracle. And by definition, it could be categorized as illegal for miraculous claims under current laws in Bharat.

If this have good power of hearing then it is very useful for all dump people. Specially uses old age people.


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