devolo Magic 1 WiFi mini - Small but fast . For fast WiFi through the house

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devolo Magic 1 WiFi mini

Small but fast . For fast WiFi through the house



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Hunter's comment

This small thing can really do miracles . Can really share the best internet speed to any room of your house no matter how far this room is from the central router. Please visit devolo official site and see YouTube video to see in action what this small miracle can do .


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This device is small in size but very helpful as now we need not to worry about the internet coverage issue anymore. This is the one which will keep us connected in any room. I loved it tiny size. cool.hunt

Great and innovative find. You can solve my big problem my internet device speed is to much slow and can't download anything easily. Now i am using this great device. Nice one.

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-
Well, This device is very helpful to amplify the signal and I also need one as I am getting weak signals in my Room. It is small but fast and versatile.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

This is something that I have been looking for sometime as WiFi coverage at my apartment is not up to the mark. Thanks for sharing this tiny but wonderful product. Cool Hunt

It is very nice Wifi adopter to use in gardens or courtyards of the houses. It has long range of working and provides nice quality of internet and can work in all weather conditions. Good hunt.

great hunt. this looks like a powerful router, and can help interest reach the farthest corners of the house. internet service providers give such lousy routers that one always needs a signal booster. i would rather have a more powerful, better router.

A good device for internet sharing through wds bridging


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