EOS Blasterz - Blast monsters, earn prizes

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EOS Blasterz

Blast monsters, earn prizes



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Hunter's comment

Hello Hunters!

Today i want to show you a pretty fun game, the EOS Blasterz. This is an arcade-like game, where you have to charge your power, and then in the right moment, pull the trigger, as they say.
You can release the energy waves, the blast, and destroy the enemies, the monsters.
Okay, its definitely not a grand strategy or a complicated, difficult story based game, but if you want some fun, consider it to try :)

They have a teaser video, check it for the feeling:

The screenshots are from the official page.




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Games on the Blockchain are creating a revolution on Gaming area. Because it enable us to earn some money and more fun. And EOS Blockchain provides us to play great games such as that


I think, right now the EOS ecosystem have the most devs in the whole cryptosphere, and they work well, very well :)

good hunt man!


wow nice great game.It's a good coin eos.This game is very good that you can play this game with the eos.I like such games very much.Thnks you are sharing good hunt post.


Im glad you like it :)

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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Thanks man!

The game that gives you awesome reward. I think it will be great not just when you play. Even at every reward....


Rewards are always good ;)

The graphics looks nice. They are one of the best I have seen, and it have a real game feeling, with a lot of movements and actions, unlike the move based (EOS Knights). At least that is what can I see from the video.


I think, in 2019, this graphics have to be the entry level in the games like this :) Except in the case of retro 8bit games, of course :)

EOS is the blooming flowers now, everyone go to EOS. Yeah...I am also have account and join many Platform there. Is the great one of friendly game that's offer in EOS. I'll try for myself... thank you for sharing


Yep, EOS is on fire, they have impressive development!
Thanks for your comment!

I haven't experienced any crypto games that are good except for steem monsters. Every game Iv'e played so far is horrible. Hopefully this one is good, I'll give it a try! Thanks for the hunt @kriptonik


Lately, there are so much games in cryptoverse, and of course, some of them are just a piece of sh*t :( Dunno why, maybe the devs dont have enough creativity, or they just want some "free" money for the fast work, but we agree, most of the cryptogames are not so fun and good. At least, this one seems fun :)


Which ones are the best?


I like the steemmonsters and the prospectors (at least, the idea). Unfortunately i dont have so much time for playing :(


I would like to make my kids play for me an unknowingly make me money 🤫

I love these girls 😍

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Another way to earn EOS playing this game. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for your comment :)

having hot monsters hahaha 😂 🔥 girls looks so sexyy


Ya man those blasterz girls have nice bombs, no bras! :))


Dunno, in game development, this doesnt seems to me a really important aspect :)


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Thanks again and look forward to seeing your next hunt!

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Es un juego RPG?, funciona en Andorid?

Posted using Partiko Android


No habla espanol :(