GoodDollar - Crypto-based universal basic income system

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Crypto-based universal basic income system



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Hunter's comment

Hello Hunters!

Let me show you an interesting experiment project, the GoodDollar. This is an universal basic income plan, in global scale, founded by Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro.

Yes i know, the idea of UBI have so many pros and cons, supporters and scepticals, depend of subjective opinions.
But what is sure, if more from the world's richest people are backing the idea, it can be work. I mean, those people are riches, so they have knowledge about money and economy, and how the world works.

Actually it is not so clear for me, from where will be the money coming, but im definitely not an economy expert.

For more details, check the homepage :)

The screenshots are from the official page.


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Hi hunter,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

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The project is too new, even "White Paper" is not yet available and I cannot find a way that they will solve the problem of inequality.
The idea is great and daring, if it has the right solution and the project is successful. The world will change and that's great!
Great hunting trip!


Thanks for your comment :)

I am a fan of attempts to build a basic universal income program. I am a bit sceptical about the logistics of it, and whether the goal is really acheivable. The other issue is that thost people that would really benefit from a UBI, have no idea or involvement in crypto. We are a very niche industry at the moment, and using a crypto for UBI kind of renders the "universal" part as irrelevant. However, like mannacurrency, I am supportive of attempts and will keep an eye out for future developments. Nice Hunt.


" The other issue is that thost people that would really benefit from a UBI, have no idea or involvement in crypto."
In 2019, all of the knowledge are available on internet, free. The world average, spending time on TV or Facebook, more than two hour per day.
I cant understand noone, if they have two hour for watching tv, but they havent time for educate themself in case of money...


As of June 2018, 55.1% of the world's population has internet access
Source Wikipedia

I take your point about a lack of education generally, but 45% of people dont have internet access (as of last year). In my humble opinion, the world has a very long way to go before a UBI can truly be "Universal".

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We agree.
But there is another information in this quote: 55% of the planet's population have free and unlimited access of all knowledge of mankind. And biggest part of the world is still a shitty place. So maybe the fault it is in the population, not in the resources.

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