20L Payload 6 - Rotor Agriculture Autonomous Flying Sprayer Drone

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20L Payload 6

Rotor Agriculture Autonomous Flying Sprayer Drone


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Hunter's comment

Hi friends
I am here with an amazing product. It is a beautiful and good looking drone. This drone is specifically for farmer's. He can spray in the fields with the help of this drone.




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great app, thank you for sharing, good hunting to you

wow, without a doubt this drone will make work in the field easier, it will not have to be done by hand so it will be much faster and easier with 20L Payload 6. Thank you for sharing it with us. excellent hunting

I have seen drones of many applications but this one is very very useful as it is developed for the agricultural purpose. I think for uniform spraying of seeds are fertilizer or anything like that into the land will be very much easier with this Drone for the farmers. thanks for the Drone manufacturer to think about the farmers. nice hunting of the day