Compass - Easy to use compass and spirit level application

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Easy to use compass and spirit level application



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Choose between magnetic north and true north, see your current address and coordinates, navigate to specific coordinates without internet connection, or use the high precision spirit level functionality to measure relative angles.


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I like to use this app and its nice

Its a very usefull app in unknown location.

Would be useful for all to level your things and finds your way through this compass

Even if you don't actually need a compass, this one is so beautiful, anyone would want to own it.

Thanks for sharing this nice hunt with us

Compass looks quite amazing easy to use compass and spirit level application, thanks for sharing.

This is one of the most important thing when you go for treking or hiking when you get lost you can easily find a way.

Wow , nice finding I will definitely look about it and try to use it if possible.

Compass is very helpful in the are where you don't get internet.


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