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Hunter's comment

Are you like me that likes to open web browser and check an exchange like binance or a tracker platform like coinmarketcap? That's a strenuous process i know but what better option do i have? While at this, i found an ideal app NOW Tracker by

NOW Tracker is an official app by ChangeNOW – an instant cryptocurrency exchange service. The tracker allows you to add any cryptocurrencies that you own to a single portfolio and monitor their rates on the go.

It has all the awesome features of a tracker like privacy, easy of use and no registration.

What's more unique the two ways of tracking which are ..

  1. Auto tracking
    Simply add the address of your crypto wallet, and we will automatically bring you the balance and your last transactions from different block explorers.
  1. Manual tracking
    Update the balances of your assets manually. We will put them together with the balances that are updated automatically.


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