Coopet - Dragon - Rising Game On Ethereum Blockchain

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Dragon - Rising Game On Ethereum Blockchain



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Hunter's comment

  • Coopet is a dragon-raising game on Ethereum Block, where you can buy, sell your pet.

  • Coopet use COO Token (ERC-20 standard) that is based on the Eth block.

  • Coopet use as an eternal cycle, the generating of the
    five elements.

    Image Source

Like the dragons produced from different lands, dragon eggs come from five different planets!

Dragon eggs are symbol of the proliferation and development of a new dragon generation. In Coopet, there are 15 types of dragon eggs.
  • For a better understanding of coopet, watch the below video.
Video Source

Here you can try DEMO MODE



Hunter: @lordoftruth

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I am not really big on games, but anything that has the blockchain involved does always manage to capture my attention, this does seem interesting, esp if there was some Eth to be made :D Great Hunt

Great Hunt!


Blockchain games seeming to boom here at the moment. Really love the way they are bringing gameplay into blockchain games not just a boring collecting "game".

Keep on the good work!

We can see so many blockchain based games release everyday and I think we will see more in the future. Love the way blockchain games are going at the moment.

  ·  2년 전

What a greater game that looks so fun to play. Ethereum is doing a good job with game development

Coopet seems to be funny and enjoyable Ethereum Based game. I am sure I will enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.

This product cool is very amazing and cool. It is developed on the blockchain which is very amzing. I believe that there will be more and more this type of game.

  ·  2년 전

Crypto and games go along so well together. It is a natural match. Dragons are always interesting to have and play with :)

This is a good plateform to buy or even sell your pet. I think it is really cool. Thanks for the hunt, it was really nice to see!

It's a cute little game. It looks like Cryptokitties, but with a fighting element added in, so those who liked that game might enjoy this, as well.

You rock!, because this game is on top of ethereum blockchain which is more interesting to play that you can earn crypto money from it. This is an astounding hunt!

Soooo manh Blockchain based games, every day and new one! I think the revolution in gaming has come, with ghe help of Blockchain of course!!
Good hunt!

These dragons are so cute. Sure I will play blockchain based game Coopet. Thanks for sharing.

This game is so fun. I love all etherium game. This one you brought is so cool.

Great hunt

I like the blockchain based games.This is indeed a good way to interact with the blockchain.

Having a block chain game will bring a different experience other than other games. I hope to get it someday

Amazing Hunt,

Another amazing game that is built on the Ethereum Blockchain. The possibilities of Blockchain technology is endless. The graphics looks cool though.

We see so many block chain based games nowadays and it is good for development of Cryptocurrency. Great hunt.

Another awesome idea for a blockchain game and while I don't have the money for any of them atm, I do like to see more being created.

We see so many blockchain based games everyday and I think we will see more. It is good for Blockchain Platform. Coopet looks like an interesting game. Perfect hunt.

Another game based on blockchan, another hit! This game looks very entertaining and colorful. It has a certain resemblance to Dragon City. Good hunt!

Thanks for share this hunt!

I love to see more and more games developed on the blockchain and this particular as it can be a great tools to start learning kids about crypto-currency and blockchain in the same time. At the end of the day what kid doesn't like a cute dragon coming out from an egg!

Another good game from the crypto world. This is indeed a good way to interact with the blockchain.

can you show me where this is a rising game? stats? thanks.



0 days 07 hours 55 minutes 54 seconds

  • August 15th, 2018 / Start operating. Version 1.0 is being officially released. The airdrop programs start.

  • August 20th, 2018 / Start sale COO and open the market and mating feature.

  • September 10th, 2018 / Conduct crowdsale on and prepare crowdsale on the exchange.

  • September 20th, 2018 / Open the concentration arena feature and launch version 2.0: Build the breeding-mating and fighting systems.

  • From October 20th to 30th, 2018
    Coopet is being officially traded on the international exchange.

  • By the second quarter of 2019
    Launch the first version on android and IOS; Update new features for solo arena and Boss Hunting arena.

Source: The official website / ROADMAP


where is the stats that it's a rising game? that's a road map..


It's a dragon-rising game, not a rising game !!!


he means dragon raising I think :) it's like crypto kitty but dragons, I think it's going to be going into virtual reality though soon.


The community will surely love this. An incentivized Dragon rising game? Oh wow. It will totally hit the market. Great overall hunt @lordoftruth.

Hahaha eggs dragons, I like the idea, I think it will be fun, I will try to check this game.

I wish steem had all these blockchain games on our blockchain

this game looks good, i would like to try to test the game.

just ah perfect click!!


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