CropBytes - Become An Agricultural Tycoon & TRX Hunter On TRON Block

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Become An Agricultural Tycoon & TRX Hunter On TRON Block



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CropBytes is a Blockchain breeding game. It is in its infancy, just like Tron is!

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CropBytes allow you to :

  • Build virtual farm, trade land, crops and animals
    with TRX.
  • Use the code S8SW9Z to purchase game assets
    for 5% off.
  • Choose where your farm location using a smart
    map system.
  • Breed your animals and characters to grow new
  • Gain profits by trading and selling your assest to
    other users.
  • Search for the Tron box on Cropbytes virtual map
    to win Tron.

CropBytes is Available on Android & iOS

I believe that now is the perfect time to to join the Cropbytes community, to get your CRYPTO FARM!



Hunter: @lordoftruth

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This is a good sign. As long as developers keep finding ways to bring everyday people onboard with accessible and non-scary blockchain applications, we'll keep getting closer to coins (like Steem) going to the moon. CropBytes seems like a cool introduction to crypto for folks who might not automatically be drawn to it. Plus, even people who are already into crypto might enjoy it.

You want to build your awen farm. But virtual farm. cow, chicken, goat, sheep, rabbit, feeding this game will help you for that. You can enjoy and love the game. Great hunt.

Like the gameplay of this game, building farms seems to be calming, blockchain support in this game is also great, iOS and Android support, Good Games.

Ok, I will try this game, breed with blockchain technology, interesting, it seems that raising requires patience, and thank you for sharing.

Blockchain games are getting popular these days, a few days back I saw some games on the Ethereum Blockchain, today it's TRX, pretty cool and Great hunt.

We know these kinds of games, and people like them, me too. Sure I will play it on my mobile phone. Thanks for sharing.

I really like this type of games that are developed on a blockchain and more if they are powered by a crypt as interesting as TRX, so you've convinced me to try it, also the development of the platform looks very clean and careful to be so new.

Great hunt

This appears to be so cool and addictive. Am glad it has an iOS version because I love playing game on my iPad. Will try this out soon

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crypto based gaming? Can't hurt to try. Good hunt!

so its a game to earn by farming agrixultural game right ??


did you earned anything ??


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I'll have my siblings to try this game since they have smartphones. For sure they`ll be excited to try it out!
Great hunt!

A very attractive game whose gameplay has worked very well as a business for all the people who use it. The part that I like is that it is related to cryptocurrencies, so we have to support it if it is within our possibilities.

Earning CrYpTo through game play? These type games are really taking off!


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